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RUBYTEC KEA 10.000 mAh Power Stat
The Kea 10,000 is an extremely powerful, pocket-sized battery that can be charged by connecting it to your computer or by using a power outlet.
99,95 incl. VAT
Savotta Pocket Saw
The chain saws back and forth, taking advantage of a large cutting surface. In practice, the pocket saw is a motor saw chain equipped with sturdy and durable...
29,90 incl. VAT
Toolset Fix-It-Sticks®
This beautiful 22-piece tool set from American Fix-It-Sticks® comes in a sturdy small fabric bag. Only 2.5 cm thick, 15 wide and 9 cm high. Weight about 450...
170,00 incl. VAT

About Hes

We are rebuilding the range of articles step by step. We are happy to listen to our customers to build a full range, which fits well in Arnhem. Less time is available until the second training at the Police Academy is completed. As you may know, two courses are required to be able to set up a full range of articles. This in addition to many other requirements.
It is also best if at least two people have completed the training and have the necessary skills.

Starting up

We will try to create an attractive formula, but there are significant changes compared to the old formula. We will be concentrating more on long-range target shooting, in addition to the other disciplines. In addition, top quality outdoor items for extreme conditions. As before, we try to build an attractive range of antique and decorative weapons. Weapon safes offer a wider and more flexible range. We do strive for consistency rather than size of the range of articles.

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