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RUBYTEC Ceram Utility Knife Black Medium

RUBYTEC Ceram Utility Knife Black Medium

The Ceram Utility knives, made of ceramic material, are lighter than steel, do not rust, are compact, have an ergonomic design and a TVP handle that also has grip when wet.

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Ceramic knives stay sharp longer than steel, are hygienic, are not affected by acid, oil or salt and ensure that fruit does not discolour. No wonder that these knives are becoming increasingly popular. The ceramic material (Zirconium Oxide) is only surpassed in terms of hardness by diamond and this gives the blades excellent cutting properties and makes them very hygienic. This makes them ideal for use on the campsite or on the boat. The Ceram Foldable has stainless steel screws with which the folding mechanism of the knife can be tightened or loosened.
  • Colour      Black
  • Weight     37 g
  • Material   ABS, Ceramic
  • Lengt       18,5 cm
  • Wide         2,7 cm
  • Height      1 cm

About Hes

We are rebuilding the range of articles step by step. We are happy to listen to our customers to build a full range, which fits well in Arnhem. Less time is available until the second training at the Police Academy is completed. As you may know, two courses are required to be able to set up a full range of articles. This in addition to many other requirements.
It is also best if at least two people have completed the training and have the necessary skills.

Starting up

We will try to create an attractive formula, but there are significant changes compared to the old formula. We will be concentrating more on long-range target shooting, in addition to the other disciplines. In addition, top quality outdoor items for extreme conditions. As before, we try to build an attractive range of antique and decorative weapons. Weapon safes offer a wider and more flexible range. We do strive for consistency rather than size of the range of articles.

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